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10 Steps to Having a Good Marijuana Dispensary Experience

Going to a cannabis dispensary should be a fun outing for everyone, and you can take a few steps to make sure you have a good experience at any marijuana dispensary. To help make sure your visit to a “pot shop” doesn't intimidate you, here we present 10 steps to having a good marijuana dispensary experience. 

1. Do your research.

Not all marijuana dispensaries serve both medical patients and recreational cannabis users, so know which shops in your area suit your purposes.

2. Check dispensary reviews.

Read reviews on the marijuana dispensary you're going to get a feel for their pricing, selection, and any specialty products you should ask about. 

3. Have some strains in mind before you get there.

Try to familiarize yourself with what cannabis varieties and products are available at the dispensary before your visit; many dispensaries have online menus that they update daily.

4. Have your ID ready.

The only way to enter a recreational cannabis dispensary is with proper photo identification, and medical marijuana dispensaries require either a recommendation from a licensed health care provider or a current MM “green” card that shows you're a valid patient.

5. Give yourself plenty of time. 

Licensed dispensaries can only serve a limited number of customers at a time (some states even require shops offer one-on-one service), so you may find yourself in a waiting room for a bit before going in to the main retail space.

6. Take cash.

Most dispensaries only accept cash payments, as federal law prohibits the purchase of cannabis with debit or credit cards. However, many dispensaries have an ATM on-site.

7. Stow your phone.

Most dispensaries ask that you limit your cell phone use as a courtesy to other patients and customers, and almost all of them prohibit photos from being taken of their products. 

8. Ask questions.

The budtenders are there to help and advise you, so take advantage of their knowledge and experience. 

9. Relax, and soak it all in.

Take a moment to appreciate how lucky you are to be buying cannabis in such an easy-going way.

10. Don't feel obligated.

Just because you're having a good experience visiting a marijuana dispensary doesn't mean you have an obligation to buy anything. 


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