10 States That Smoke the Most Weed

We've all developed certain stereotypes for people living in different states in America. Californians are all chill surfers. Texans are all gun-toting, God-fearing Republicans. Floridians are all crazy. So on and so forth. But when you think about states with legalized marijuana, the new stereotype is probably that everyone is a stoner. But is that really the truth?

The website 24/7 Wall St. reviewed data from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration and determined which states smoke the most marijuana. They ranked the states based on what percentage of the population had smoked in the past year. 

You probably think you know the top three states already, but you might be in for a little surprise. Here's the 10 states that smoke the most weed, as determined by percentage of the population.

10. New Mexico

Percent Using Marijuana in Past Year: 15.6%
Total Users: 267,000

9. New Hampshire

Percent Using Marijuana in Past Year: 17.1%
Total Users: 194,000

8. Massachusetts

Percent Using Marijuana in Past Year: 17.6%
Total Users: 989,000

7. Rhode Island

Percent Using Marijuana in Past Year: 18.7%
Total Users: 170,000

6. Maine

Percent Using Marijuana in Past Year: 19.4%
Total Users: 224,000

5. Washington

Percent Using Marijuana in Past Year: 19.5%
Total Users: 1,105,000

4. Alaska

Percent Using Marijuana in Past Year: 19.5%
Total Users: 114,000

3. Vermont

Percent Using Marijuana in Past Year: 19.8%
Total Users: 108,000

2. Oregon

Percent Using Marijuana in Past Year: 19.9%
Total Users: 646,000

1. Colorado

Percent Using Marijuana in Past Year: 21.6%
Total Users: 909,000

California did have the most marijuana smokers with over 4.6 million, but that is only 14.9 percent of the state's population, putting them at 12th on the list. Maybe that will change next year when weed is 100 percent legal.

Also it's not so surprising all these small states have such high percentages of people smoking marijuana. What else are you going to do in Alaska? Fight a moose?


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