10 Crazy Entries From The DEA's Dictionary Of Cannabis Slang

The DEA recently updated their dictionary of cannabis slang, and boy does it ever read like something written by people who have never seen marijuana (a.k.a. 'giggle weed') - outside of 'Reefer Madness.' Here are the 10 craziest entries from the DEA's dictionary of cannabis slang. 

Pocket Rocket

Are we talking about vibrating weed?

Young Girls

Yeah, never go around telling people you're "trying to buy some young girls" or getting caught with a joint will be the least of your problems.

Mowing the Lawn

Nothing to see here, officer.

Gummy Bears

You can put cannabis in gummy bears, but that doesn't mean cannabis is gummy bears.


Nope, that's just some bread.


If you're Canadian, then you know that a good ol' cup of Tim's shares more in common with crack than marijuana.

tims 157775311

Love Nugget

What, are we putting engagement rings in dime bags now?


Sure, some brands make sneakers out of hemp, but people probably aren't trying to smoke them...


Looks like there's been a mix up here about what is smoked and where it's smoked in Amsterdam.

Green Mercedes Benz

Well, someone did make a car out of hemp once.

My Way Or The High-Way: Eco Cannabis Car

h/t Marijuana Moment


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