10 Budtenders Predict the Future of Cannabis

2018 has been a great year for cannabis, partly because a number of states and all of Canada legalized the consumption of weed for adult use. Now, patients and consumers in select states can go to a dispensary to purchase cannabis of their choosing, just like going to a bar to buy a drink. Even the experts - budtenders - expect to see more cannabis lounges in the near future, where people can consume more freely. A budtender is the person behind the counter at a cannabis dispensary, there to help consumers choose which cannabis strains and products are best for their wants and needs. Budtenders are the first on the floor to help consumers, so they're certainly qualified to predict the future of cannabis. 

Civilized sat down with budtenders from all over Los Angeles to learn about cannabis culture and dispensaries in our weekly series Ask A Budtender. In this episode of the series, the budtenders discuss their predictions for the future of cannabis.  


The legal cannabis industry in Colorado has reached another huge milestone. On Wednesday the Colorado department of Revenue announced the state has now generated more than $1 billion from cannabis taxes since the recreational cannabis market launched in 2014. In a statement, Gov.

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