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10 Best Dispensaries in Ontario

Finding the 10 best dispensaries in Ontario is a task that will take you all over Canada's Heartland Province. Here we list the 10 best dispensaries in Ontario, so you don't have to do the leg work; try to visit them all!

1. Sylk Medy Dispensary and Wellness Center
646 somerset Street West, Ottawa
A commitment to lab-tested, high-quality medical marijuana products and a knowledgeable staff makes this one of the best dispensaries on Ontario.

2. Pure Releaf
897 Dundas Street W, Toronto
A wide selection of affordable medical cannabis products, a comfortable, centrally located storefront, and a professional staff makes this one of Ontario's best medical marijuana dispensaries.

3. Canna-Connoisseurs
17 Church Street, Toronto
This dispensary aims to offer the most sought-after marijuana strains in the world and promote elegance, information, and innovation in cannabis culture.

4. Toronto Cannabis Dispensary
33 Kensington Avenue, Toronto
24 Wellesley Street West, Toronto

Toronto Cannabis Dispensary aims to offer  members a safe and resourceful atmosphere to purchase quality medical marijuana products at competitive prices.

5. Mother Earth Medicinials
1506 Dundas Street West, Toronto
A focus on supplying local, organic cannabis products and a modern, downtown location makes this one of the best dispensaries in Ontario.

6. Health Cannabis Inc.
97A Davis Drive, Newmarket
Health Cannabis offers one of the best selections of the high-quality, brand-name medical cannabis products in Canada.

7. Ottawa Medical Dispensary  

39 Antares Drive, Ottawa
You'll find one of Ontario's best varieties of medical marijuana products and accessories at Ottawa Medical Dispensary.

8. Natural Green Compassion
136 James Street South, Hamilton
A knowledgeable, friendly staff aims to help medical marijuana patients navigate the process of obtaining a valid MM prescription as well as choose which cannabis products will be best to treat their ailments.

9. Temple Medicinal
1465 Main Street East, Hamilton
21 Bond Street East, Oshawa
149 Trunk Road, Sault Ste. Marie
Comfortable, welcoming atmospheres and compassionate staff make these some of the best dispensaries in all of Ontario.

10. True Compassion Toronto
3535 Dundas Street West, Toronto
This not-for-profit compassion club aims to help all those in need get access to the best medical marijuana products for their needs.


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