10 Best Dispensaries in New York

While New York was among the early adopters of marijuana decriminalization back in the mid 1970s, it wasn’t until 2014 that the state legalized medicinal marijuana, and as of this writing its struggling through the process of embracing full recreational legalization. But though the process has been slow, the state has still seen a slew of dispensaries spring up. So what are the best dispensaries in New York? Here are our picks.

The 10 Best Dispensaries in New York

1. Vireo Health – Queens 

Receives high praise for its friendly, expert staff, its comfortable, well organized space, and quality products. 

2. MedMen – Buffalo

Customers appreciate its beautiful space, first time patient deals, and outstanding customer service.

3. MedMen – Syracuse

This location is again hailed for its great atmosphere, sale prices, and expert, friendly staff

4. Columbia Care – Plattsburgh

Sleek, sophisticated space, top quality products, and expert service. 

5. Vireo Health – White Plains

Dedicated to patient care and providing a wide selection of quality products from within a well appointed retail space. 

6. PharmaCannis – Bronx

Rave reviews for its friendly, knowledgeable service, quality products, and great deals. 

7. PharmaCannis – Liverpool

Customers enjoy everything from the helpful service to the expansive selection to the friendly security staff. 

8. Columbia Care – Rivershead

A stunning space, expert staff, and great sales and other deals. 

9. Etain Health – Yonkers

Highly rated for its friendly service, massive selection of premium quality products, and low prices.

10. Etain Health – Albany

Quality products free of additives, supportive staff, fast service, and safe, comfortable environment. 


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