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The 10 Best Dispensaries in Nevada

Nevada – the land of Vegas, casinos, and some of Hunter S. Thompson’s most extraordinary adventures. Considering its “anything goes” reputation, you’d think that cannabis would have been legalized a long time ago. In fact, pot laws were rather strict up until it legalized medicinal cannabis in 2000 then recreation weed in 2016. So now that the law has changed, what are the best dispensaries in Nevada?

10 Best Dispensaries in Nevada 

1. Essence Vegas, the Strip – Las Vegas

A popular choice due to its convenient location, sleek interior, quality products, and knowledgeable budtenders. 

2. Essence Vegas, Henderson – Las Vegas

An on-site nurse, long menu, and highly personalized service makes Essence’s second site another hit with customers.

3. The Grove – Las Vegas

Central location, sustainable in-house grow practices, and one-on-one budtender care.

4. Medizin – Las Vegas

Not only to they have a massive selection and attentive staff, but they provide new customers with a 20% discount. 

5. Reef Dispensaries – Las Vegas

People love the prices, selection, and staff, but they mention the shop’s open, comfortable atmosphere again and again.

6. The Apothecary Shoppe – Las Vegas

Founded by doctors, this luxuriously appointed dispensary features private parlors for one-on-one patient consultations. 

7. Top Notch – Las Vegas

Here it’s all about selection, service, and premium products. 

8. Jardin – Las Vegas

Gorgeous, modern interior, massive selection of high quality products, great first time custom deals, and a VIP program for repeat customers. 

9. The Apothecarium – Las Vegas

With a space that feels more like a luxury jewelry store than a dispensary, customers love the comfortable atmosphere and friendly budtenders.

10. Sierra Wellness Connection – Carson City

Dedicated to providing an approachable, hands-on space where customers can learn about cannabis.


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