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10 Best Dispensaries in Michigan

Since 2008, Michigan residents have been able to legally enjoy the many benefits of medicinal marijuana. Over the course of the following decade, it saw more dispensaries launch than almost any other state. So which are the best dispensaries in Michigan?

Let’s take a look at our favorite Michigan dispensaries.

10 Best Dispensaries in Michigan

1. The Jazz Club – Detroit

Known for top-quality products, attentive patient care, and low prices.

2. The REEF – Detroit

Customers hail its friendly service, expansive selection of products, affordable prices, and a space that very well might be the most attractive in the state. 

3. Bank of Buds – Detroit

Here it’s all about comfortable atmosphere, expert service, and high quality at a low price. 

4. KIND – Lansing

Dedicated to providing high quality, lab tested products, as well as expert, friendly service.

5. Healing Tree Wellness Center – Detroit

Renowned for its expansive selection, as well as its clean, spacious facility, and its expert, friendly staff. 

6. Lake Effect – Portage

Committed to not only providing top quality cannabis in a comfortable space, but to making each patient’s visit into an educational experience. 

7. House of Dank – East Detroit

Customers are especially impressed by its massive selection of flowers and concentrates. 

8. Bohemian Club – Detroit

One on one, personalized service, low prices, outstanding selection, and an elaborate gift bag for first time customers. 

9. Greener Crossing – Detroit

Not only does it offer quality products at low prices, but its daily happy hour deals make the savings even steeper. 

10. Green World Wellness Center – Detroit

Strives to provide a safe, comfortable atmosphere, along with daily specials to suit any budget.


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