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10 Best Dispensaries in Massachusetts

Compared to other states, Massachusetts went through the typical stages of cannabis legalization rather quickly, decriminalizing it in 2008, legalizing medicinal marijuana in 2012, then finally ending prohibition altogether in 2016. At the moment, the state has a bunch of medicinal pot dispensaries scattered about, with recreational retailers expected to begin opening in 2018. In the meantime, what are the best dispensaries in Massachusetts?

Let’s take a look at our picks for the top ten.

1. NETA – Brookline

High marks for its premium products (garnering considerable shout-outs for their edibles), as well as low prices and great service. 

2. Sage Naturals – Cambridge

Comfortable, safe atmosphere, quality products, and friendly service with a high level of patient care.

3. NETA – Northampton

Clean space, short wait times, knowledgeable staff, outstanding selection.

4. Patriot Care – Lowell

Known for great selection of quality products, low prices, and solid sales and other promotions. 

5. Patriot Care – Boston

Convenient location, wide selection of quality strains, friendly staff, highly acclaimed loyalty reward program.

6. Theory Wellness – Bridgewater

Inviting space, long menu of premium products, expert staff, good prices, convenient location.

7. Ermont – Quincy

Provides outstanding care, especially to first time patients, outstanding selection, affordable prices. 

8. Central Ave Compassionate Care Inc – Ayer

Welcoming staff and atmosphere, expansive selection, short wait times, great specials, sliding scale financial hardship program for patients in need. 

9. Garden Remedies – Newton

Quality products, wide selection, clean and beautifully appointed space, friendly staff. 

10. In Good Health – Brockton

Consistently improving quality products at ever-decreasing prices, friendly service, great frequent buyer loyalty program.


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