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10 Best Dispensaries in Maine

Tucked way up in the corner of the country, a lot of people tend to forget that Maine has embraced the end of cannabis prohibition. In fact, the state has been at the forefront of the issue for decades. Maine was one of the first states to decriminalize cannabis in 1976. They legalized medicinal marijuana in 1999. Finally in 2016, the state went all the way with legal recreational pot. Over the years they’ve seen a slew of retailers open up. So which are the best dispensaries in Maine?

Here are our picks for the top 10. 

The 10 Best Dispensaries in Maine

1. Full Bloom Cannabis – Fort Kent

Customers love its friendly service, comfortable atmosphere, and its massive selection of top-quality products. 

2. New World Organics – Belfast

Known for offering clean, chemical free products, friendly, one on one service, and its convenient location.

3. Wellness Connection of Maine – Portland

WCM’s Portland location is all about convenience, quality products, and its friendly, expert staff.

4. Canuvo – Biddeford

Quality products, friendly service, and comfortable atmosphere.

5. Greener Medical – Waterville

Convenient location, premium strains, expansive selection, friendly staff, expert service. 

6. Procure LTD – Saco

Gorgeous space, inviting atmosphere, top quality products, affordable prices, and mom-and-pop service. 

7. Maine Organic Therapy – Ellsworth

Customers repeatedly praise its friendly, expert staff, conveniently central location, and premium products. 

8. Green Tip Cannabis – Cornish

Friendly service, quality products, and extra-attentive when it comes to educating first time patients. 

9. Richardson Remedies – Caribou 

Fast, friendly service along with solid selection of quality products. 

10. New England Reserve – Old Town

Known for its convenience, outstanding service, fantastic selection, and low prices.


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