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10 Best Dispensaries in Illinois

Relatively new to the legal cannabis game is Illinois, which decriminalized recreational weed and legalized medicinal marijuana in 2016. After that it didn’t take long for a slew of dispensaries to pop up, especially in the Chicago region. So which are the best dispensaries in Illinois?

Here Are Our Picks for Where to Go When You Need Weed in Illinois

10 Best Dispensaries in Illinois

1. The Healing Clinic – Chicago

Known for its friendly service, outstanding selection, and convenient location, many first time customers appreciate the staff’s careful attention to helping with the medicinal certification process. 

2. Innovative MMJ Care – Chicago

High praise for offering a combination of expert care, and high quality products.

3. Dispensary 33 – Chicago

Approachable staff, comfortable atmosphere, and a long menu of quality products.

4. Chicago Compassion Club – Chicago

According to customers, the staff makes the certification process fast and easy, and provides a high level of patient education. 

5. Nature’s Care – Rolling Meadows

Hailed for its convenient location, outstanding attention to customer service, and extensive list of popular strains.

6. Phoenix Botanical – Champaign

A high level of patient care (especially for first time patients), comfortable space, and quality strains.

7. The Green Solution Illinois – Sauget

Short wait times, knowledgeable staff, military discount, and a referral program make this a popular spot. 

8. Maribis – Springfield

This dispensary is all about massive selection, low prices, and expert service. 

9. Thrive – Harrisburg 

Receives praise again and again for its friendly, helpful staff, as well as its expansive selection of quality strains. 

10. Columbia Care Dispensary – Chicago

One of the most popular dispensaries in the state, it is known for delivering an outstanding first-time patient experience, as well as a comfortable space, wide selection, and great deals. 


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