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10 Best Dispensaries in Florida

New to the legalized cannabis scene isFlorida, which decided to go ahead and embrace medicinal marijuana in 2016. While some states have gone through relatively slow rollouts of their legal cannabis programs, Florida hit the ground running, and now there are dozens of dispensaries scattered throughout the state. So, which are the best dispensaries in Florida?

Here are our picks for the top ten dispensaries that Florida has to offer. 

The 10 Best Dispensaries in Florida

1. Trulieve – Tallahassee

This company has several locations throughout the state, and its popular Tallahassee dispensary is hailed for its helpful, friendly staff, professional atmosphere, and outstanding selection.

2. Knox Medical – Orlando

Known for its expert staff, friendly service, and wide selection of quality products. 

3. Modern Health Concepts – Miami

Praised for its approachable staff, quality products, and comfortable, clean space. 

4. Surterra Wellness – Tampa

Customers repeatedly mention its friendly service, along with the staff’s dedication to providing education about their products. 

5.&nbspTrulieve – Miami

High praise for its expansive menu, low prices, and solid discounts for first time patients. 

6. Trulieve – Pensacola

Helpful staff, no rush environment, comfortable atmosphere, and a large selection of quality products.

7. Knox Medical – Gainesville

A new location that is rapidly getting a good reputation for providing quality service.

8. Trulieve – Clearwater

Known for providing high quality products in a comfortable, inviting space. 

9. Suterra Wellness – Tallahassee

Convenient location, solid commitment to patient education, and high quality products. 

10. Trulieve – the Villages

Customers enjoy its inviting space, friendly and helpful staff, and expansive selection of premium strains


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