The 10 Best Dispensaries in California

Everyone knows that California is one of the leading pro-cannabis states in the country. It was one of the first states to embrace decriminalization in the mid-1970s, it was the first state to legalize medicinal marijuana, then it became the fifth state to legalize recreational weed in 2016. So in a state with this much cannabis history (and this much size), it should come as not surprise that it has a ton of dispensaries. But what are the best dispensaries in California?

10 Best Dispensaries in California

1. Captain Jacks – Upland

A full service dabs bar, it not only offers a great selection of products, but provides a unique social scene.

2. Cannabal City Collective – Los Angeles

Hailed for its expansive range of high quality products, as well as its expert staff. 

3. TLC Collective – Los Angeles

Convenient access, free gated onsite parking, daily free dabs and pre-rolls, and a selection of hard to find strains makes this one of the most popular spots around.

4. Southwest Patient Group – San Diego

With a massive 7,400 square foot shop, SWPG has to give tours to new customers so they won’t get lost. 

5. Bud and Bloom – Santa Ana

Known for its unique space, this dispensary has been called one of the most beautiful dispensaries in America. 

6. Green Gold Cultivators – San Andreas

Convenience, expertise, and selection are the keys to its renown. 

7. Caliva – San Jose

With its friendly staff and comfortable, well-lit atmosphere, customers say this is the kind of place you feel like you can bring your mom.

8. Sonoma Patient Group – Santa Rosa

Friendly service, outstanding selection, great specials, and a large inventory of CBD products makes this a popular choice.

9. Calaveras Little Trees – Arnold

Not only is the staff friendly and the space inviting, but this dispensary donates 7% of its profits to the Calaveras General Fund. 

10. Humboldt Patient Resource Center – Arcata

Dedicated to building community, this dispensary not only provides high quality products and expert service, but teaches customers to grow their own medical gardens using its onsite clone-grow operation.


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