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The 10 Best Dispensaries in Arizona

When you think about states that would be among the early adopters of legalized cannabis, Arizona probably isn’t one of the first that leaps to mind. But Arizona has a strong independence streak as well as a large population of people who depend on marijuana for medicinal purposes, so it should come as no surprise that the state legalized medical cannabis in 2010. So what are the best dispensaries in Arizona? Here are our picks.

The 10 Best Dispensaries in Arizona

1. Swell Farmacy – Phoenix

Known for quality products, friendly and expert budtenders, convenient hours of operation, and daily specials including a generous deal for new patients.

2. Nature’s AZ Medicines -- Phoenix

Customers love its low prices, as well as its attentive staff and convenient location.

3. The Nirvana Center – Phoenix

Comfortable lobby, low prices, outstanding selection, but most exciting is their happy hour during which patients receive a free pre-roll when they spend $20.

4. White Mountain Health Center – Sun City

Its friendly staff, quality products, and daily specials make this a popular dispensary.

5Herbal Wellness Center – Phoenix

Dedicated to educating patients about various aspects of cannabis, and to providing high quality products. 

6. The GreenHouse – Glendale

Quality and great specials are at the core of their business model. 

7. Desert Rose – Phoenix

Great customer service, an expansive selection of popular products, and a huge menu of quality edibles. 

8. Urban Greenhouse – Phoenix

Hailed for the quality of their house-grown cannabis produced in a state of the art cultivation facility.

9. Green Pharms Dispensary Mesa – Mesa

Family owned and operated, helpful and attentive staff, and customers even praise its friendly security staff. 

10. Tru | med – Phoenix

Known for its stunning, elegant space, convenient location, friendly staff, and popular, high quality house strains. 


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