The 10 Best Dispensaries in Alaska

A lot of people were surprised when Alaska voted to legalize marijuana, thinking that it’s not as typically liberal as its West Coast counterparts like California and Oregon. But anyone who knows Alaskans personally gets it. Alaska is a state full of strong individualists who want to be trusted to make their own decisions for themselves, and that includes the decision to smoke weed. Since medicinal then recreational legalization happened, dispensaries have been popping up all over the state. Let’s take a look at the ten best dispensaries in Alaska.

10 Best Weed Dispensaries in Alaska

1. Cannabaska – Anchorage

Known for providing expert, friendly service, as well as a wide variety of strains.

2. Green Jar – Wasilla

The first dispensary in Wasilla, customers appreciate its comfortable atmosphere and expansive selection.

3. Pakalolo Supply Co. – Fairbanks

Hailed for its convenient location, knowledgeable staff, and selection of hard to find strains.

4. Herbal Outfitters – Valdez

Customers say it has the friendliest, most helpful budtenders in the state. 

5. Red Run Cannabis Company – Kenai

Dedicated to providing small batch, all natural cannabis that is hand trimmed and free of chemicals. Customers also love its scenic location.

6. The Herbal Cache – Girdwood

Founded by women, this dispensary provides locally grown, lab tested produces as well as some pretty fantastic views.

7. Remedy Shoppe – Skagway

Supposedly the states’ first cannabis retailer, it’s known for its Alaskan grown and lab tested products.

8. Weed Dudes – Sitka

The first cannabis dispensary in its region, customers praise its comfortable atmosphere and its staff’s dedication to helping first time smokers.

9. Enlighten Alaska – Anchorage

Family owned and operated, dedicated to providing quality products and friendly service.

10Denali 420 Recreationals – Houston

Customers praise its inviting space, quality products, and the convenience of their Sunday hours. 


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