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The Emerald Cup is Staking Ground in Europe's Nascent Cannabis Industry

California's leading annual cannabis festival, the Emerald Cup, is headed to the international stage. This summer, Emerald Cup will be branching out from Northern California and expanding to Europe — Birmingham, England, to be exact — to partner with Product Earth Expo-Fest for a weekend of education, demonstrations, music, and more.


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In the old days, weed "branding" was defined by plastic baggies, pot leaf imagery, tie-dye, and in some cases, imagery of conventionally hot girls in bikinis or booty shorts. The messages back then revolved around weed as a stereotypically male stoner pastime, whilst alienating women, or those who didn't appreciate the strip club aesthetic in connection to their medicinal or recreational products.


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Today's cannabis industry can best be described as pioneering. No word is a better fit to describe the spirit of a now-booming industry that’s had to fight its way to legality through decades of activism and self-determination.

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