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Dear Naked Pyramid Climbers, Leave Cannabis Out of Your 'Artistic Statement'

We're probably never going to look at the Great Pyramid of Giza the same way again thanks to Andreas Hvid, a Danish photographer who recently scaled the pyramid - which is one of the Seven Wonders of Ancient World - and took pornographic pictures of himself and a friend at the structure's summit. And now Hvid is trying to drag cannabis into the illegal stunt, which he's claiming to be an 'artistic statement' on Western society. The story began last month when Hvid and his friend traveled to Cairo and hatched their plan to scale the pyramid. Hvid says it took roughly two hours to sneak into the site without security guards noticing, and then just under another half hour to reach the top of the 456-foot tomb.


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NBA players aren't scientific experts, as evidenced most recently by Boston Celtics player Kyrie Irving's belief that the Earth is flat. But now another NBA player is casting doubt on space expeditions, and NASA is trying to fix it. Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry appeared on a podcast recently when somehow the topic turned to the moon landing.


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As the medical cannabis program rolls out in Maryland — more than four years after the state's General Assembly passed a law to legalize it — residents are obtaining medical cards and seeking treatment faster than anyone predicted. New Frontier Data predicts that sales will likely hit $100 million by the year’s end. All this movement means more dispensaries and more choices for patients.


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Massachusetts finally began allowing recreational marijuana sales a few weeks ago, almost a year later than originally planned. And while the state may have dragged their feet in the process, they're certainly more than happy to spend that cannabis tax money. broke down how the state of Massachusetts plans to spend their cannabis tax revenue. Currently Massachusetts imposes a 17 percent tax on cannabis sales, and local governments are also allowed to add an additional three percent tax as well.