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While New York Waits to Legalize, NYC's Pot Culture is Booming

While New York's pot policy may be lagging behind towns like Los Angeles or Denver, where cannabis is already legal, the world's most vibrant city is nonetheless home to an equally vibrant, hardly underground cannabis culture. With cannabis possession decriminalized up to 25 grams, New York has always operated at an ebb-and-flow with the permissiveness of the authorities that govern it.


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One of the most annoying things on the internet is when a website blocks content from people who are trying to see their content. This can come in many forms but the most annoying one, by far, is when you are forced to sign up before you can read anything.


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Holly Hill is on a CBD-centric mission. The Denver, Colorado-based cannabidiol maven is known around town for her burgeoning brand, Spirit of the Herbs, which cranks out hemp-based, full-spectrum CBD-infused products to nourish the body.

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