controversial super bowl commercials

6 Super Bowl Ads That Are Way More Controversial Than a Cannabis Commercial

Today media outlets reported that CBS rejected a Super Bowl commercial that would’ve promoted the benefits of medical marijuana. Many cannabis advocates were angry, and many pointed out the hypocrisy of CBS not allowing a marijuana ad while showing dozens of beer and other alcohol themed commercials during the game.


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Actor Michael Caine was once a heavy drinker who also smoked 80 cigarettes a day, but he never did drugs...except one time when he was at a party with fellow actor Richard Harris. "I was at a party with [actor] Richard Harris and I said, 'I’ve never smoked marijuana,' and he said, 'Well, smoke one,'" Caine recalled in an interview with Rolling Stone.


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Many are waiting for the next state to make the major step of legalizing recreational marijuana, and according to one state senator, the state to watch is New Mexico. New Mexico State Senator Jerry Ortiz y Pino says he believes a bill he recently introduced to legalize recreational marijuana will pass in the near future.

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